ST KILDA  1979

In the late seventies I lived and worked at the iconic Greyhound Hotel (sadly demolished in 2017) and also started taking photographs with my Olympus SLR 35mm film camera.  The patrons in The Lounge of the hotel were mostly young, into music, enjoyed alcohol and drugs.  It usually had a relaxed atmosphere and most of the punters knew each other.

The nine, Dean, Tammy, Barry, Janine, David, Sarah, Neville, S. A. J and Debbie agreed to let me take their photo and they also wrote something about themselves to go with the image.  

Reading their thoughts now it doesn't seem that being young has changed all that much since then and I hope they all achieved what they wanted in their lives.

I have not put this series together before but I felt this moment was the right time to look back.   (October 2021)

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